Find Peace in Turmoil

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” -Joseph P Kennedy In this difficult situation with a pandemic taking thousands of lives and overpowering the whole world, it feels like beginning of the end, doesn’t it? It is natural to be anxious, scared and restless for it’s a scary scenario with no apparent solution. […]

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Pain in my heart.

Every moment with you brought nothing but smile, And now you suddenly leave, after all this while. Filling me with love, with you my soul was healing, All the old scars within are now screaming and squealing. Hurting and paining, there’s a constant ache in my heart, All the days are dull, only if again […]

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Be Patient.

In this highly competitive world, where we see so many living our dream life, it’s very easy to get demotivated. And the worst feeling is when it’s not our lack of efforts, rather just circumstances, hindering our path to success. Many a times, we put in all the efforts in the world into something that […]

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Are you really in love?

Love or Attachment? Love. The most beautiful feeling anyone can ever experience. Be it with our parents, family, friends, lovers, pets, home, and what not. It has the power to captivate us in a way where we are bound to enjoy the imprisonment it offers. However, as time goes by, most of the relationships, who […]

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A Dream to Dream.

Since childhood onwards, we’re all asked and expected to know what do we want to be when we grow up. We’re told to discover what our passion and talent is, and give in our best. And it makes sense, to know your ambitions and goals to achieve them and work hard in that direction. However, […]

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Nobody is Perfect

“Nobody’s perfect!” It has kept people getting better and better, for we know there’s always scope for improvement. We strive to be better, better than others. But in this hustle of competing with everyone around, we sometimes find ourselves re-evaluating if we’re really worth it. We think about all the reasons why we aren’t good […]

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Change is inevitable.

Image Source “Change is the only constant.” We all have heard of this and known it since forever, something hardly any of us would disagree upon. Such an uncontroversial statement, full of possibilities, yet we seldom ponder and really give time to contemplate about it. We have seen transformations in people, industries, nature, circumstances, and […]

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A Long Day.

Image Source Sometimes we’re so lost and so consumed by our thoughts, that the reality becomes just a dream. A long, sad dream where all we can hope is that it’s not real. That it just stops. The boredom, sadness and monotony, everything shall just come to an end. But how? And this question of […]

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Have you also found yourself stuck in dilemmas while making trivial or important decisions? Well, who hasn’t? And it’s totally okay. Be it our career choices, ambitions, or personal decisions, we tend to be logical. And we have to be. Logical enough to explore options, even when what we really want is right there. That’s […]

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Home away from home.

I’m sure we all have lived away from home, and have those low moments where all we wanted was to get back, just once, just for sometime. And then at times we find people away from home, whom it’s so difficult to leave. PC: Mengdi Wang   It’s tearing me down, I’m falling apart, It’s […]

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