Let’s Keep Travelling!

Life has always been a bumpy ride with all the physical, emotional, social and cognitive hunches. And whilst in the middle of the journey, we do fall for people, care about them and give in more than we ever got back. And often when they leave, we get stuck with where to go next.

But it’s okay, to be not loved back sometimes. It’s not you. It’s them. It’s because they can’t see the innate beauty that lies within you. Your efforts, however significant they might be, will remain unnoticed until they really want to see them. Or maybe it’s just not the right people for you. The ones who totally get you.

You have to consider, the probability of someone liking you, or being there for you forever is like 1:7 billion of population. So what if they’re not meant to be in your life? Life still goes on. It’s never gonna stop for someone who just took a ride with you for a few miles. You have to take the rest of the journey on your own. And in there, you’ll find more people. Some, who’ll ignore you, some will jam your way out, some will keep honking, some maybe there for a few miles, some might even stay in touch for a lifetime and just the rarest of rare, who’ll stay along for the complete journey. Inspite of all the turbulences, storms, and even when you’ve lost your way. Those who stick with you to help you find the right direction, to bring you back, are the ones who are gonna matter in the end. Those are the ones who deserve all your love and efforts. Because they will not just reciprocate, but will put in their best to keep you around. They won’t just make promises to fulfill, rather show how significant you are in their life. They can jump in your journey as friends, lovers or any other avatar. And when you meet such people, you’ll know.

So for now, enjoy the ride with all random craziness and let go the ones who have a different journey to travel. Don’t stop here, for those who really matter might just be waiting for you to cross their paths! 🌸


2 thoughts on “Let’s Keep Travelling!

  1. While u read these words,u feel like smone is defining ur situation…Like,smone just took my heart out and wrote my pain!!
    Bt this post gives me more relief than pain,bcz those soothing words gives motivation and encouragement to keep moving!!!
    Cheers to keep Travelling!!!🍻

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