Set yourself free!

Today, on India’s Independence Day, so many people are talking about the achievements, the failures and all the sacrifices that have been made to gift us with this free Nation. It’s like birthdays, we desire it all year but talk about it on just one day. But then, why not. After all, freedom is priceless. Everyone wants to be free and liberated, because we’ve never really been.

As a child, we’ve all wanted to be free from the stupid restrictions and disciplinary rules. We just wanted to grow up soon. And when we did grow up, it’s the academics and career and everything around. It all seems so binding and stressful. And we never really feel completely liberated from these self-created obligations. We’re always shackled into the social conventions and the standards of what ideal life should be. Even after living in a free Nation, we’re never really free of our limitations. The ones we have created on our own.

So yes, we have been living in a land independent of any foreign rule for 71 odd years now. And there are hundreds of issues that still need to be resolved in the country. But freedom isn’t just geographically or politically bound. It’s supposed to be from within, amongst each individual, no matter the nationality. So that we can get the best out of our lives and make the time here worthwhile, for ourselves and others around. We need to accept ourselves completely, and mentally relieve ourselves of the wordly burdens. Imagine always feeling like being on that vacation you took to take a break, and never wanted to come back? Well, that’s freedom. That’s how it is supposed to be felt.

So why not allow your lives to transform with a new bliss of freedom, freedom from all insecurities, negativity and hatred. Let’s release our present from the worries of tomorrow. Today, set yourself, free. 🌸


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