Who Are We?

We have always been told that we all are unique in our own ways. Born to be different and original. And often we hear about being just ourselves. Not letting the situations and circumstances play with who we are at core.

But who really are we?

We’ve always had social interactions since childhood, making us aware and vulnerable at the same time. As a child, we’re taken care of by the loving family, to the extent that we start inheriting their traits and habits. Later on, when the conscious grows upon, we try to seek people around. Even if we do not realise, our mind takes efforts to form social associations. We start adapting the nature, personality and even opinions of the ones around, the ones we like, or the ones we want to be with. And this becomes something very inevitable because of our life long practice and reflex in adapting to the dynamic environment, and our need to fit in.

Now I’m not saying this is wrong or should be discarded, for that’s what we’ve been always taught. Imbibe the goodness of others, learn from their mistakes, and perhaps please them when needed. Our intelligence handles all of this automatically and unconsciously. And we don’t really have much of control.

But maybe, we all are elementarily the same. A pure, innocent and blank soul waiting to be written upon by the worldy experiences. Ofcourse, we all differ in the extent and ways in which we let this long adventure and process of life affect the core of us. We experience distinct fates and situations, and respond differently. And perhaps that’s what makes us uncommon.

So we need to stay sensitive and open to these possibilities while making our own choices. Of course they keep influencing us, and we will still keep seeking and replicating what surrounds. But we decide on how these events are going to affect us. And I guess that’s what makes us who we are.

Because otherwise, we are nothing but just reflection of those around us. 🌸

Share what do you think in comments below! 🙂


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