Can we really be prepared?

Graduate, settle down, get married, have kids, and happily ever after into the monotony of life. We all are supposed to plan out our future and lives in the tiniest of details. And strategize and work towards the ambitions we have. We have scheduled everything, about how our lives shall unfold. And yes, we’re prepared, for the near and the longer future.

But then, the truth of uncertainty strikes right in our face. And it’s like everything has turned upside down. One failure, one unachieved target, one obstacle, and the game changes. We suddenly do not know what to do next. Our dreams seem to get shattered. And even if everything happens as per our plans, we don’t always feel the way we thought we would. The dream job is just not so much fun. Or the casually planned vacation with friends turns out be the best experience you could have never imagined about. Or maybe the nonchalant relationship you were in, now seems like perfection.

The point is, we can never really be prepared completely. The experiences are going to be new, no matter how planned we are. We can never really estimate how it’s going to feel before it actually does. And we can’t weigh things up and choose the right everytime. Because to know that you’ve made a mistake, you actually have to make one. To know that something was the best time of your life, you have to first encounter it.

Now in no way does it mean to not plan things out. It’s good to have things sorted in the mind. But that’s all you can have. Being open to possibilities and experiences is so crucial, because the actual confrontation is what’s going to bring out the reality. It’s only then, we’ll know it completely.

We need to remember that preparation can only take us so far. The rest is, well, call it destiny or luck or experiences designed to make life, worthwhile. 🌸


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