Winning Together.

“Life is a race. And if you aren’t fast enough, someone will supersede you…”

We all have grown up listening to stuff like that. And of course it’s completely true. Life’s indeed become this fast moving, dynamic and never-resting arena where we keep working out to do better. Better than others around. Because that’s what winning is about. That’s how we prove ourselves. That’s how we establish our social status as an achiever, head turner and the superior one.

But what if winning was redefined? What if it’s not just our own success, rather how much we inspire lives of others, that makes ours worthy. What if our daily to-dos also include making someone smile. And only if we care about others as individuals who deserve equal love and respect. I guess that sounds more like a socialistic structure, but doesn’t really take away anything from us. We still get to keep all our achievements and the self proclaimed attention. We just manage to pull others up while we rise for our own good. We become humble humans who understand peaceful co-existence, unlike deciding to rule the jungle with our mightiness. And we can be just there for others, alongside, when they hit rock bottoms while fighting their own battles.
So, let’s pick each other, and be picked when falling.
Let’s vouch for the ones around.
Let’s abide by the promises we’ve made.
Let’s appreciate the efforts, and take some.
Let’s not put anyone down to rise.
Let’s just do a little, but no bad.
Let’s smile, and make someone smile today.
Let’s start influencing lives, for better and for good.

Because maybe our one little effort can turn someone’s world upside down. And our sheer negligence, cause irrevocable damage.

Let’s not be just successful and achievers, rather win together. Let’s be great in our own little ways. 🌸


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