Failures And Faith

Give your best, and there’s nothing in this world that can stop you from achieving what you truly desire. Grown up listening and believing to this thought, sometimes we forget the play of uncontrollable factors like time, destiny or the alike. And when even our constant and honest efforts do not transform into desired results, we question the validity of everything around. If it is just luck, or indeed there exist rewards for true determination and hardwork.

Failures, momentary or chronic, start to rupture our faith in our own efforts. Self-belief and self-esteem start to become luxuries that only successful ones can be privileged with. But that’s where we need to stand back up, that’s where our real strength and faith are tested. Because no matter who we are and however we’re destined to be, our efforts can never go in vain. Somewhere, sometime, things will change. They have to, because you will make them change. Because you’re the only one who can. After all, if we don’t stand up for ourselves, who else will?

Of course, it gets worse when we see people around putting in less, and reaping out more. But then, is the purpose of our life really competing them? We are travellers in our own unique journey of life, with however messed up and delayed, but the right timing for everything. All we gotta do, is have some faith. Not in some supreme power, but in ourselves. Because the only time we actually lose, is when we fail to try again. When we accept that we’ve lost. When we fall, and don’t try to get up. Because then, we lose any chances left to make things right. Now however philosophical this might look, it’s so important that we have hope, because life is just too precious to give up on for petty failures.

Yes, the world might seem a nasty unfair place. But that’s the real fun. Of fighting against the odds. Of proving us, to ourselves. Because when we give our best with the right amount of faith, no matter how things look temporarily, the whole universe mysteriously wants us to succeed. And someday, sometime, we will. Just because we have decided to.

So till then, don’t let these failures fail you. Let’s just face these as stepping stones of greater good in our own lives, and someday we’ll know it was all worth it. 🌸


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