Time. The most inevitable, and apparently the most powerful, more than anything in our human capacity. Perceived to be the best healer, but it is the one that destroys everything. How ironical!

We invest the best and strongest of our emotions, work day and night to create bonds with not just fellow beings, but even the material world around. We aspire for achievements and desire for whatever we can have. And all it takes is a flash of time to take away everything that we’ve held close. And all that is left for us is to regret how we didn’t give in our best. How it could all have gone better. How mismanaged our priorities were and how badly we want it all back again, this time to do it right. But only if we had another chance, if only we knew. And well, time isn’t that merciful.

So however happy or successful or secure we think we are, we never really know what’s gonna come ahead for us. The choice is, if we let whatever comes control us, or we control it. The best thing is, to be at our best every moment. To live it like it’s gonna be the end. To love, care and most importantly live, as much as we can. To do it right in the first time, because hell it’s not gonna come back!

So let’s just play our best against this ticking opponent with a smile, not to defeat it but to win!🌸


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