The First Step: Let it Out

Life is so eventful. Sometimes a canvas full of colors, and in others, a dull and disfigured sketch full of ridges. And despite all our efforts to enjoy and live life to the most in every moment, sometimes we find ourselves so stuck, as if we’re drowning deep, locked up in a dark box, with no escape. And most of the times it’s not something big or great pulling us down, rather a mere belief, instinct, state of mind or a specific experience for that matter.

Depression. It’s like a parasite that survives and grows upon us every second, making home our body and mind. It paralyzes us mentally, emotionally and physically, and keeps feeding on everything positive that’s left within. And the most interesting catch is, neither can you ignore it completely and nor give away too much of your attention if you want to fight it. It has to be dealt with in a balanced and most delicate way possible, to throw away this parasitic condition without leaving much of its trail that would affect us later.

The most common and crucial advice is to talk about it, ask for help. However, that’s the most challenging part. Because more than often, we have nothing to talk about. It’s as if the whole scenario is self induced and self created. Situations and circumstances play only a third of the part, and rest is well, upon our thought process and perception. We often feel that our issues and problems might be mocked at, looked down and laughed upon by the ones with greater tangible issues who have faced them valiantly. But here’s the thing. We all are unique in our own ways, with different experiences of making us who we are. We perceive things differently, feel differently and have different issues to deal with. All of us have a different battle to fight. So there is nothing that makes us weak or stupid about feeling the way we do. And what others think about it is frankly none of our concern.

So it’s really important that we seek the right people to talk to, share about how we feel, even if it’s all just abstract. Letting it out and letting go is the first step to get free of this parasite, for otherwise it will only grow upon, rupturing us from within. We need to take a stand for ourselves, to make our own lives better and happier. And trust me, however impossible it seems, it is possible. Of course it’s gonna take constant efforts to break this seemingly never ending continuum of depression, frustration, fatigue, aggression, disappointment, darkness and the likes. We will have to take decisions. Make choices. Not something great, but little ones. Like to wake up every morning and leave the bed. Go for work. Do things that we used to love, even if they seem like a bore now. Go for a walk. Talk to people. Smile, at the little miraculous things that life has to offer. Love ourselves over anything else, or atleast pretend to, until you actually do.

Everyday is a new opportunity to get out of this, to be happy. All it takes is bringing little changes on our end to get better results. Strengthen the will and be consistent, for afterall, taking the first step is the most difficult.


PS: If you’re really stuck and think you want to talk about it, well you can reach out here. You wouldn’t be judged. šŸ™‚ šŸŒø


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