The Grey Reality

Good and bad. Right and wrong. How easily we define things, experiences and actions. We make our own judgements about every event and look further with that mindset, especially in case of a negative perception.

While some things are undoubtedly and unquestionably vile and unforgivable, there is always a rationale behind it. All of us do things that we believe are right, that have to be done. Even if our actions might seem to be emotionally driven, it’s satisfaction and satiation what each seeks in their own way. And when we decide that something has gone terribly wrong, someone might completely disagree considering worse things that could have happened. So the point is, it’s all relative. And none of us are really good or bad, or right or wrong. All we do is what we believe is demanded by circumstances and might bring home favourable results. Being rational, or selfish as some might call it, in that way is the first instinct for all of us. After all, we all want to be the fittest to survive, even if we refuse to admit it.

The problem is, we just live in our own mirages of defining idealism and reality, which we believe to be true until something revolutionary happens. In that sense I believe each one of us is really blameless and innocent, for we live in and do what we believe to be appropriate and true. Ultimately, we all have our reasons for what we do. However, what we forget is the shade of grey that truly explicates us all.

So, let’s be more open to opinions and viewpoints, and give more chances to the ones we believed have wronged us. Let us just be there for each other, while respecting the uniqueness of each one’s existence. And, let us not hesitate from letting our boundaries of reality expand, for we never know what thought we might be missing upon. 🌸


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